Staying Cool in NY Summers

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Tips for Staying Cool in NY Summers

While upstate New York is known for its cold winters, the summers here can be equally hot. Luckily, we have A/C’s to save us from the excessive heat, which also uses much energy. But you might only need to use the A/C sparingly by utilizing some of these easy tips!

Tip 1 – Block Incoming Sunlight

While the intense sunlight is excellent for solar, it will quickly heat a room. In the summer, you should close your blinds as often as possible, especially in north and west-facing windows. You can also block sunlight with:

  • Window tinting
  • Awnings
  • Large potted plants

If you are willing to go the extra mile, consider planting trees that cast shade over your home in the summer. 


Using your ceiling fan correctly can reduce energy costs by up to 30% while lowering your thermostat by around 4 degrees. Ensure all your home’s ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise and on the highest setting to push cooler air down. While this does not actually reduce the temperature, it creates a wind chill to help endure summer heat.


Consider investing in a dehumidifier, which removes excess moisture from the air. Humidity causes sweat to evaporate slower, so a simple change like this could make a world of difference.



Finally, unplug appliances and electronics, which may give off an extra heat source if used for long periods of time during the day. If you hear the fans on your TV, computer, or game console get noisy, try unplugging it for a little. The harder they need to work, the more heat they generate. Excessive use of electronics, such as lamps and chargers, can yield considerable heat, too. Consider unplugging any electronics that are warm to the touch. 


To learn more about energy-saving tips and tricks, contact Seed Solar Engineering and Electric to speak to one of our experts today! Have any questions about HVAC needs? Contact the Radiant Store.

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