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Seed Solar is a solar photovoltaic installation company focused on high-quality, professional installations. If you’re interested in saving money and protecting the environment by installing a renewable energy system, contact us today to learn more

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Seed focuses on high quality residential solar PV installations with a team of NABCEP Solar PV Installation Professionals, licensed Master Electricians, and solar technicians. Seed provides high-quality, professional Solar PV installations for homes, businesses, not-for-profits, and farms. Seed installation includes full design, permitting, installation and monitoring services. 


Seed provides full service design, permitting and installation for roof mounted solar photovoltaic systems. Seed also installs Tier 1 premium solar panels on all roof mounted systems.  

Battery Backup

Seed provides the installation of energy storage systems that provide battery backup power to your most important home loads. These include lighting, refrigeration, well pumps, and more when the grid power goes down. Battery backup can be paired with your new or existing solar PV systems as well.

Ground Mount

Seed provides full-service design, permitting, and installation for ground-mounted solar photovoltaic systems. Seed also installs Tier 1 premium solar panels on all ground mounted systems. 

Maintenance & Repair

Seed offers maintenance and repair services for existing solar photovoltaic systems to keep your PV system producing clean energy and saving you money. Seed will also uninstall roof mounted PV systems, if roof repair or a new roof is necessary, and then re-install the system afterward. Likewise, these services apply to PV systems of all types, whether originally installed by Seed or not.

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