Tips for staying warm this winter

  • After Seed installs your new solar PV system, it’s essential to maximize the benefits that come with lowering your utility bill and keeping your house warm during the chilly New York winters. Below, we have compiled a list of simple home improvements that can take as little as 5 minutes to help ensure heating efficiency this upcoming season.
    • Consider installing storm windows or window plastic for the winter months to minimize draft. If you plan on replacing your old windows, look into Energy Star certified ones, which can lower your utility bill by an average of 12%. 
    • Try sealing cracks, holes, and chimney gaps with an environmentally friendly and non toxic caulk. Typical caulks may contain silicone, polyurethane, or acrylic sealant, which are all things that you should avoid continuously inhaling in your home. Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) alternatives are becoming more common at your local home improvement stores. 
    • Checking that your radiators are not covered by furniture, as it blocks the heat from adequately moving around the room. 
    • Making sure damper handles on ductwork are on their winter setting to allow maximum air flow. 
    • Regularly cleaning and changing your HVAC system filter can help prevent inefficiencies which lead to slower air flow. 
    • Try switching your ceiling fan to its reverse setting, which allows it to operate in a clockwise direction forcing warm air down from the ceiling to the living space.   
    • Using an Energy Star certified smart thermostat, which can automatically adjust temperatures in your home when you are sleeping or away and provide data on your usage straight to any WiFi-enabled phone. 

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