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Seed Solar's team of NABCEP Solar PV Installation Professionals and licensed Master Electricians provides high quality, professional Solar PV installations for homes, businesses, not-for-profits, and farms. Full design, permitting, financing, and rebate services are also included in any Seed Solar installation. Seed uses Made-in-USA solar panels and installs roof-mounted, ground-mounted, and pole-mounted solar systems. If you're interested in saving money and protecting the environment by installing a renewable energy system, contact Seed Solar today for a free quote.

Residential Solar

No two residential solar projects are the same. A wide array of factors, including energy usage, finances, aesthetics, and governmental regulations affect the size and type of the solar electric system designed for a project.

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Increasing Residential Value

A solar electric system will add value to your home, save you money on your monthly electric costs, and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that you are helping to reduce emissions. At Seed Solar, we will design a solar system fit to your specific needs, whether that is a roof-mounted system, a ground-mounted system, or even solar shingles.

Thinking of going off-grid?

Seed also designs and installs solar-assisted battery backup systems to satisfy your off-grid needs. If you are interested in a solar system for your home, contact us today for a free estimate.

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Commercial Solar

Commercial operations pose unique challenges for solar electric installations, which Seed has the experience and expertise to ensure a high-quality installation. State rebates and Federal tax incentives make solar especially attractive for commercial customers. By adding solar PV to your business you can expect to see reduced operating expenses for decades. 

A Socially Responsibility Company

By adding solar to your commercial property you will be making a statement. One that says how your company values not just the environment, but its employees, the community, and future potential customers as well.

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A Greater Impact

Commercial solar electricity makes an even greater impact when coupled with energy efficiency measures to reduce electric usage and demand. Seed Solar’s team of professional engineers and designers will design a solar solution to meet your company’s needs. Contact Seed Solar to learn how your business can save money with a commercial solar PV system.

Agricultural Solar

Seed Solar is experienced in installing Solar PV on farms. Agricultural solar is a rapidly expanding field and Seed has been growing with this trend.

Long Term Security

With the fluctuating price of energy, a solar system can provide farmers with more long-term certainty on their utility costs. At Seed, our experience in working with farmers, combined with our knowledge of agriculture-based incentives and rebates, has allowed for successful solar projects that help farms continue to grow and succeed. Find out if solar electricity meets your needs: contact Seed Solar for a free estimate.

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Solar Maintenance & Repair

Seed Solar offers additional services beyond Solar PV installation; we also maintain and repair existing systems.

Maintenance services, such as equipment repairs and system troubleshooting, are provided by Seed with the intent to keep your PV system producing smoothly. Seed will also uninstall roof-mounted PV systems if roof work is needed, and then re-install the system afterward. These services apply to PV systems of all types, whether originally installed by Seed or not. If you are interested in any Solar PV maintenance and repair services, please contact Seed for more details or to receive a free quote.