What is Corporate Accountability?

Corporate Accountability is when a company or organization practices the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility (CPR) is when a company takes active steps to become more sustainable. These changes can come in many different forms, but some of the most common include changes in their company structure or culture, designing new more sustainable procedures, or giving back to communities, both close to home and far away.

Seed and the Community

Seed is proud to give back. In the past, we have worked with quality partners like Habitat for Humanity, RPI’s Engineers for a Sustainable World, and RPI’s Engineers Without Borders.

The Time is Now

When you donate, your money will go directly to helping the child of this world we all call home. Be a part of the solution by purchasing a Luci Light to donate to the cause or for personal use. For every transaction, Seed will in turn donate a with To Love a Luci Light directly to To Love a Child, a Capital Region nonprofit that helps children both in the local area and beyond. Please click here for more information.